Well, that was an interesting year.

So, I haven’t been posting because things have been a little crazy, and updating a blog wasn’t anywhere near the top of my priority list. Since my last update in October, I’ve had to put the bakery development on hold for a bit because managing my own life took precedent. Doing this was, and still is, hard. A lot of the difficulty comes from seeing the dream you’ve been working toward be tabled because you can’t afford to work on it, or you don’t have time to think about recipes, or or or. After buying the refrigerator, we had to work on our house a bit, clean some things out, try to replace a door threshold while it was raining on and off (it’s still not fixed, but I’m loving the rain) and deal with some family things.

In the midst of Thanksgiving and Christmas preparations, one of my uncles broke his hip and another had a pretty bad stroke. That’s been a weird thing for reasons I would rather not discuss because I don’t see the need to air all of my family’s dirty laundry. I’ve been struggling financially because I don’t make very much, and when you have credit card bills and student loans to pay, you thank your lucky stars that you live at home with a mom who is okay with you not paying rent until you’re back on your feet or find a different, higher paying job. My logo design has been put on hold because the designer has had a death in the family and still had to finish the semester at school… but, we did get the refrigerator delivered! It was delivered on December 22nd and it’s the most beautiful thing ever. Who knew you could be this excited about an appliance… who knows what’s going to happen once we purchase the stove!

...still the same.

…still the same.

Other than that, I almost completed a Bikram Yoga 30 day challenge (24 days before my body said NO MORE), I’ve written another post for my friend Caitlin over at …and Possibly Dinosaurs¬†which you can read here. I’ve gone to a few Long Beach State Men’s Basketball games and Los Angeles Kings games, went out to dinner with my mom, one of my best friends and her boyfriend on Thanksgiving, I saw the non-profit that got me through college with a purpose close their doors because having a US office is no longer needed (this is a good thing, promise), and cooked 7 dozen (and counting) enchiladas for over a dozen people for Christmas dinner. I think that’s it?

I just read this article from The Kitchn about New Year’s Resolutions in the the kitchen and I think I’m going to work on those things as well.. except the cooking class and hosting dinners. I’ll save those for 2016. I plan on cooking a lot more, writing a lot more (I own Caitlin at least 3 or 4 posts about food), and I really look forward to getting control of my own space, helping my mom make our house ‘hers’ instead of my grandparents and getting 9944 off the ground. There’s still a lot of leg (and arm and whole body) work to do, but I know that it’ll pan out and 2015 will be the year that this little baker gets her dream off the ground. There’s a few other things I’ll be working on throughout the year, but those are far more personal. Maybe I’ll write about them sometime, who knows.

Have a safe and happy New Year’s celebration, we’re still going to need you in 2015.


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