If beauty didn’t matter, I would…

Sports broadcasting, in a heart beat. 

Crystina Poncher! Go Beach!

As I read through the different prompts that Brittany posted for this month’s Write Your Face Off, I knew the answer to this one without a question and knew it had to be my first real entry.

The idea that a woman can know and understand the world of sports is still incredibly foreign to a lot of people, and if, for some reason they should be on TV talking about it, they should basically be runway models. I was an athlete. I lived and breathed the different sports I played, and to think that I am not worthy enough to talk about them, intelligently because I am a regular woman is beyond my realm of thinking.

When you’re a young girl who plays basketball, or soccer, or runs track, who do you look up to? What happens when you’re watching a football or basketball game and your sideline reporters are gorgeous, pencil thin women who can (sometimes) hold their own with the material, but when you look in the mirror and you don’t see the same type of person that’s on tv? What happens to that dream? It’s pushed aside. It becomes an afterthought. Maybe radio or a columnist… but really, why would they take you seriously? 

I may not like Erin Andrews’ voice, but I have nothing against her… I just wish I could have her job. Yes, I will continue to watch her and other women (like the awesome Long Beach State alum Crystina Poncher) interview the players and coaches and give analysis, but it’s always with a tinge of envy. Not in a cruel way, but because I know that dream of mine was fleeting and won’t come to fruition.

Luckily, I have a few more dreams.. and I am in the process of pursuing a couple of them because they don’t rely on the social constructs of what women should look like… it’s pretty rad.


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