So many things!!

I haven’t gotten a chance to write at all, no matter how much I want to. I’ve been tired, overjoyed and everything in between.

Since my last entry, I’ve interviewed at two different jobs, got a job offer, accepted the job offer, turned 28, started working again, committed to going back to Bikram regularly, budgeted, started planning a trip to Chicago and another to Toronto – both a few months from now.

I’m really liking how 28 is treating me so far. All the things that I’ve learned the past year and a half are finally paying off and my general well-being is so much better. I have friends who are supportive, caring, and who genuinely want me to be happy and to succeed. My workplace has a better environment than I ever could have imagined, and after feeling like damaged goods for a long time, I finally feel like I’ve found a place where I’ll be able to grow and flourish. I’ve consciously made an effort to allow myself to open up to certain people and to give more people a chance.

To my own surprise, I feel a lot better about life in general. I like this feeling, I really hope it continues.