Friends, they’re pretty great

I had the opportunity to hang out with 3 different people while I was in San Diego, and I am so thankful that I did. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I should meet up with any of them. I had only met one of them for a few hours over a weekend this past summer, and I hadn’t seen the other two since our alumni basketball game over a year ago. I’m glad that I was courageous and smart enough to overcome any nerves that decided to show themselves, not seeing these three would have been a huge mistake.

I met Thomas at the Fourth Estate Summit that we both attended this past August. My friend Andrea and I were waiting in a line for our dinner the first night and we were in line behind a couple of guys and we all started talking. Andrea and I are the same age, and were already feeling incredibly old because most of the attendees of this conference were ten years younger. Thomas is from Orange County and we started talking about hockey, schools and life in LA county versus OC county. He is pretty much the coolest and ended up hanging out with us the rest of the weekend. Over the next couple days, Andrea and I joked about him being our “18 year old boyfriend” and that we were the coolest people there because he chose to hang out with us. He now goes to SDSU and we made sure that we made time to hang out while I was in town. We grabbed coffee at this super hipster coffee place in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego (near where I was staying) and had one of the best life talks I’ve had. The cappuccinos were great, the company was even better. This guy is wise beyond his years and he’s one of those people that you’d never predict meeting at a conference with over 1500 people in attendance.

We talked about dorm life, what’s going on in Ukraine and Crimea, the protests in Venezuela, basketball, college roommate horror stories and I walked away happy and full of joy because this type of conversation is becoming harder to come by. You know when you look at someone and know they’re going to do big things because of the person they are? Yeah, that’s Thomas. :)


Holly, Lucy and I have known each other since high school. Lucy is a year older than me, we played basketball and had Spanish class together in middle school, Holly is two years older and was on the team with us. I don’t remember if we had any classes together, but I remember the times at practice and road trips to and from games and tournaments. In school, I considered both of the friends, if not sisters. Our team was close and we were a little family. It’s been 10+ years since the first few years of alumni graduated, but for the most part, we’ve stayed in touch.

We met for lunch at this amazing little walk up restaurant that specialized in pork. The food was amazing and we spent nearly 3 hours hanging out and catching up. The three of us had stayed in touch after we graduated high school, but we had only seen each other once since then. I learned more about these two women in those couple hours than I had while we were playing basketball together. We laughed and joked about the funny things that happened while we were playing, we talked about our families and the different trials and tribulations that occurred while we were in high school and since then and we talked about our lives and families now. I am so grateful the three of us have stayed in touch and we were able to get together because that short lunch gathering allowed us to reignite the spark to stay connected.

Photo Apr 02, 7 23 15 PM

Friendships can be difficult things to maintain or to gain as we get older. We grow apart because of distance or circumstance, but when we maintain these connections, we grow closer together. I can’t get over how grateful I am to have these three as friends. We have so much in common, but so many differences at the same time. Friends are fantastic things, and the more we foster these relationships, the more we are able to learn.


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